Some Thoughts on Rain

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Rain is an important aspect of any environment. If you are preparing to move somewhere, it is often one of the primary things you may look at in the process. It tells you if the area is wet or dry, tropical or arid. It helps you know what you might be able to plant. It is the life giving source of the area. During my graduate and undergraduate work in theology, we learned about some of the geography of Mesopotamia. I learned a new word in the process: wadi. A wadi is a dry river bed. When the rainy season begins, they fill up quickly. Full rivers seem to signify blessing or a sense of “all is right with the world”. In the land of Palestine, the seasonal rains were often viewed as a sign of God’s blessing or displeasure. (Holman, 1163)

These views impact us in our belief system today. If life is going well, we see it as a blessing from God. If things are going badly or are not normal, we view it as God’s punishment (others can also be judgmental in this fashion, too; much like Job’s ‘wise friends’)

I have been reading in multiple fields to broaden my understanding of things. This is an experiment in integration, anyway. There is a concept out of my Precalculus study that mirrors a way to view all of this. Precalculus has something called “real, imaginary, and complex numbers”. Don’t ask me to completely explain this, I am still trying to get my head wrapped around it. My point is that there are times in life where we will have to challenge or examine parts of our belief system to see if they are real, imaginary, or complex. The field of chemistry has also come into the mix of my study, much to my loose displeasure. I struggled with the math in chemistry in High School. I think it is why I stayed away from physics as a major in college. But, chemistry is a large part of physics as it shows the chemical characteristics of things that interact with each other in the real world.

My heart was beginning to sink as I looked into this.  I was beginning to think I was chasing an idea into a black hole, but God began to show me things as I asked and focused more.  If you run a basic search on Google for “Bible verses on rain”, you will get a lot of information.  You get verses like this: ” 5) God thunders wondrously with His voice; He does great things we cannot comprehend. 6) For He says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth,’ and to the gentle rain, ‘Pour out a mighty downpour.’” (Job 37: 5-6) Many of us in the United States have been recently reminded of the impact of snow and rain. It was a deep theological concept to the ancient people.  Of course, for a faith that has roots in an agricultural based time of society it would make sense.  In our modern day discussions on theology and God, many seem to focus on the academics and emotional and relational aspects of the Bible. I am not trying to degrade those efforts in any way. I think those are noble and good efforts. The religions of the Mesopotamian region seemed to focus on the human senses. A fresh rain has a certain smell. It is refreshing. I believe God meant for us to enjoy those kinds of simple life pleasures while also simultaneously giving praise and thanks back to Him for them.

I did a search for words in the bible for rain, and this came back: “There are two main Ancient Hebrew words for rain used in the Hebrew Bible: גשם (geshem) and מטר (matar); they are used for different types of rain. Geshem: rain, shower, גשם, in the Bible, it is usually associated with a heavy rain.” One thing I like about Hebrew is that it is very sound oriented.  With the word Geshem, you can practically hear the idea of ‘gushing water’. As I was working the concepts around this post, I began to look for more physics fields that might tie in to these ideas. I came across the field of “Atmospheric physics”. The subject seemed to fit well into what I was working on. Part of me had this “how did I miss this” feeling, but I am on a self guided journey with this. The article mentioned that rain forms as water molecules coalesce together.  We become more beneficial when we work together.

I was also doing some reading on Jung and Solution Focused Brief Therapy. Jung has always been interesting to me for various reasons. Solution Focused has an idea that I like. It focuses on a goal, it is future oriented. Jung has as part of it’s process to stir up things in the past to try to find a person’s true archetype, or place in life. So, I think, can you meld the two? Would encouraging the person to move past their obstacles be similar to stirring up the past? Would seeking to move towards a future oriented goal be similar to finding your archetype?

What is all the point in this rambling?? Rain is important to us. It is life giving. It can affect our mood. It is representative of how that if we come together, we can provide refreshment to others. Yes, I have kind of been all over the place with this one. I like to study different things. Often times, for me, when I look a different things I can sift little nuggets out in the process.

I decided to create a new page. It is kind of a behind-the-scenes look into my mind and my process. The link is below.

A Journal of Educational Exploration

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