A story…or is it?

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One of the things that bloggers seem to worry about is what is described as traffic (views, reads, followers, etc.). One of the tactics often employed is to write about something that will get a lot of attention or words that will attract. I know one word or topic that might help me…Minecraft. I have been recently exposed to Minecraft via YouTube.

One of the aspects of Minecraft is a mode of play called creative mode. Humans have always had a strong imagination and desire to build. This is reflected in the Tower of Babel story (Genesis 11:1-9). No matter what your general interpretation of the text, it does speak to one principle: humans can do almost anything if they put their minds to it.

The creative mode enables players to freely build and design on their own. The players have built massive projects.

The versatility of the game has created multiple variants of in-game mischief and play. It has even inspired mini-movies (that can be found on Youtube) and books. One of the mini-movies, called “Animation Life”, reminds me of the movie “Tron”.

One of the things that is so weird to me about gaming is the number of these multi-player universes. In my mind, I wonder if there are as many player avatars as there are humans in the world.

In Tron: Legacy, one of the characters is transported into a computer. Part if me wonders how close we are to that possibility. There was a recent article about an accomplishment in quantum teleportation. We seem to be closer to “beam me up, Scotty.”


I can easily see space exploration in the future being made easier by transporting the astronauts into a computer unit for traveling. An accomplishment like this would allow travel without some of the potential of harm to human life.

The story you are about to read is a a work of fiction out of my mind…fully meant for entertainment and thought provocation.

Once upon a time…

Billy was a young police recruit in New York. He had just finished the academy and was on his first day at work. He met his new partner, Joey. They went on their first patrol.

In the middle of the afternoon, Billy and Joey had stopped to pick up some coffee and doughnuts when the store owner pulled Joey to the side.

“Joey, do you remember Marco?”

“Yes. Is he ok?”

“I don’t know. Mrs. Simmons said he had been carrying on all night last night and gotten really noisy. She was pretty worried about him and asked me to have you come by.”

“Ok. Thanks. We’ll stop by and check on him.”

Joey was real quiet when they got in squad car. Billy, naturally curious by this point asked, “What’s going on?”

“What do you know about people with severe mental health issues?”

“Do you mean like the ‘aluminum hat’ severe?”


“Not much. Why?”

“Marco is like that. He has been homeless. We recently got him into some affordable housing. He had been doing really good. I had visited him a week or two ago and he kept talking about Minecraft.”


“Yeah. Said he heard some of his friends say that the government was kidnapping people and experimenting on them with Minecraft.”

“Ok. Weird.”

“Yeah, I know. He is good guy, smart guy, too. He just needed some help.”

They arrived at the housing units and found Mrs. Simmons. She basically repeated what the cafe owner had said, but added that she heard Marco continuously repeating, “they’re coming to get me next! They’re coming to get me next!”

Joey and Billy made their way to Marco’s unit. They could hear him from outside the door. Joey knocked on the door. “Hey, Marco. It’s Joey from NYPD. Can we come in?”

“Did they send you to get me?”

“No, Marco. I heard you were having a rough day and I wanted to come by and say hello.”

“Are you alone?”

“It is just me and my new partner, Billy.”

“You can come in…he stays outside.”

Joey told Billy it would be ok and went in by himself.

“What’s going on, Marco? Mrs. Simmons is worried about you.”

“She is one of them. She is out to get me.”

“Marco, why do you say that?”

“I can see it. I know these things. They are coming to get me.”

“Coming to get you for what?”

“To run tests on me. They have been kidnapping people like me and running tests to try to transport them into the game.”

“What game?”


“I haven’t heard of anything like that.”

“They have been doing it. My friend told me they had succeeded with two already. Their names are…uh, he said…uh, Mumbo and Grian I think. He said they were out a few weeks ago, out mapping the world so they could simulate it and transfer everybody into the game. Then THEY can take over.”

“Marco, I don’t know what to tell you. I am here.” Joey talked to him for a little bit. Joey began to find out Marco had gotten so scared he wasn’t eating or sleeping much. Joey managed to get Marco to the emergency room for the evening. The staff helped Marco get stabilized and a little more normal.

— The End —

While Marco’s claims are fantastical, it does make you wonder what science can provide in the future and the ethical dilemmas culture will have to wrestle with in the future. So, in ways, it makes you wonder, a story…or is it?

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