What is your ‘craving’?

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How do you react when somebody asks you “one of those questions”? You know…one of those questions that makes several thoughts click at one time and a light bulb turns on in your head.

I have been taking a Life Coaching Traning class over the last couple of months and our trainer asked that type of question. What was it?

“What is your passion?”

It didn’t take me long to respond in my head. I like to learn. During my six months of unemployment in 2020, I had realized this but I didn’t have any manner to capitalize on it (at least in my mind I didnt think so).

Learning new things is fun to me, but…it has to be something I am interested in. I do not enjoy the “frying pan into fire/sink or swim/on the job” type training…usually. I grew up in the age before the internet. Our Wikipedia was World Book or Encyclopedia Britannica. I could spend hours if I had them with my nose in them researching stuff. I craved learning new information. I still do.

I feel a certain connection with the character Flynn Carson in TNT’s “The Librarian”. When I saw it for the first time and heard he had 27 master’s degrees, I kind of thought to myself…”a little crazy…sounds kind of fun”. I would be a professional student if I had the time and money.

I also have a passion for something else, too…sharing what I learn. I like to see others have that “light bulb” moment. Some would call this “teaching”. I don’t necessarily think of my “sharing” as qualifying for “teaching”, even though it might be similar. I just have this desire for others to experience the same “fun” that I do when I learn.

I personally believe the human spirit is wired to learn. Some may think, “Well, I am not a book worm or a nerd.” No, probably not. But you probably enjoy learning in a different way. Learning how to operate the newest grilling gadget. Learning about the newest video game. Learning about the latest movie coming out. This is just from a guy’s perspective. Ladies like to learn about fashion trends in clothes, designing, crafting, food, and parenting.

We all like to learn.

There always seems to be some carrot out there that is just beyond our reach.

But, that is me. What is your passion?

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