A Journal of Educational Exploration

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When I started my blog, I had this format in mind of how I wanted to do things. Of course, like any good plan…things change. But, I still felt this element was important. So, I decided to add a page that would list or overview what I had been studying. This whole thing is a learning experience anyway. So, I am going to try this path in the maze and see what happens.

This is a list of some things I read in preparation for my post “A story…or is it?”

Spanish – I worked on the Memrise app.  It keeps taking me back to basic phrases, though.  So, I got a book on my Kindle.  We’ll see how it goes.

Blogging basics – I am learning on blogging.  My platform  is WordPress.  So, another blogger recommended the book, “WordPress for Beginners 2021: A Visual Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering WordPress” by Dr. Andy Williams”.  I have read most of the first chapter.  It is a lot of introductory stuff.

Life Coaching – My Life Coaching trainer asked us to read  a  book called “The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom”.  I read the introduction.

Forensics – I read the introduction to the book “Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit” by John E. Douglas.

Pre-Calculus – I took the quiz on graphing complex numbers on the Khan Academy App.  I didn’t do so well.  This is more for experience and learning than a grade.

Physics – I found a free book on the Kindle that is a part of “Open Stacks”. I read the introduction.

Mechanics – I read the first chapter of “Continuum Mechanics” by A. J. M. Spencer.  I finally broke down and bought a book.

This is a list of some things I read in preparation for my post “What is your weather story?”

I did a lesson on Spanish about phrases in the Memrise app.

I have been studying about how to improve my blogging. One of the practices is to read other bloggers posts and interact with them. I have done that and it has been fun.

I am taking a Life coaching class, so I been studying on that practice.

I like music of many kinds. I have been listening to some different stuff and looking back into music theory and music appreciation related stuff.

I read part of an article in wikipedia on Forensics. That field has always fascinated me.

I did a lesson in precalculus. It was on graphing complex numbers. That didn’t go very well.

I did some more reading in the physics article on wikipedia. I am looking at a free online course in Physics offered by MIT. It looks interesting.

I read some more on the wikipedia article on Atmospheric physics. I didn’t get much out of it. I couldn’t focus. One of those days that day.

I was reading some in the Chemistry article on wikipedia. I read some of the parts about the periodic table and electron clouds and such. It was interesting.

I did some reading on Jung’s archetypes. That idea fascinates me in ways. It mentioned the archetypes were good to work with, but lacked definition and categorization or standardization.

I read 2 John and 1 John, chapter 2. I also read the articles on “Local weather of Palestine” and “Rainbows” in the Holman Bible Dictionary.

This is a list of things I read in preparation for my post “Some thoughts on Rain”.

Isaiah 60 – 66

Precalculus: (real, imaginary, and complex numbers lesson), via the Khan Academy app. This brought some interesting thoughts to mind. You will see how it fleshes out in my post.

Physics: (wikipedia article) I read the introduction part and the history/ancient astronomy plus natural philosophy sections.

Atmospheric physics: (wikipedia article) I read the introduction and the cloud physics sections.

Chemistry: (wikipedia article) I read the introduction and the etymology sections.

I struggled with the math in chemistry in High School.  I think it is why I stayed away from physics as a major.

Psychology: (wikipedia articles on Jung and Solution Focused Brief Therapy) I have always found Jung’s work interesting. It also has connections to Star Wars, so I really like that part.

I have been looking at Solution Focused therapy in other areas of my life, so this was an extension of that effort.